It’s not a matter of if. It’s a matter of when.

Don’t rely on RAID, or other hardware to think you are “SAFE”, there will always be failure. Ensure you have the proper tech in place to keep your business running. Backups are absolutely crucial to ensuring your business longevity. DRaaS can ensure absolute business continuity in the event of a disaster.

Backup Plans

Local & Cloud Solutions

LS Consulting offers many backup solutions. We offer hot or cold storage, archival, full & incremental, cloud or local. Leave the complicated bits to us. Tell us your retention policy and we’ll handle the rest.

Disaster Recovery


LS Consulting has the technology to offer DRaaS. This means we can host servers on your behalf, in our data-centers. This allows you to replicate to a server off-site. If your location goes down, you have a secure VPN to another identical server. This ensures your company doesn’t skip a beat.


LS Consulting offers many different types of encryption. Client-Side encryption, Server-Side encryption, and even “at-rest” data encryption. With multiple algorithms to choose from, you can ensure your data is secure. HIPAA compliance does require at-rest encryption along with transfer encryption. We support this.


Most of our plans include backups of your backups. Yes, you read that right. We backup your backups. We even have the capability to replicate across the world and store your company data in multiple data-centers across the globe.


With versioning, the best way for us to explain this is “Document A” – let’s say you work on Document A today, tomorrow, and next week… That file has changed however many times… We store each “version” if you need to go back, you can.

Recovery Options

Hopefully it never comes to this, but unfortunately it usually does for some folks. We try to make it easy. If it’s a file, it’s quick as 1-2-3 and we have you back in minutes typically. (You can even drive this) — If it’s an entire server, we have core access to your data and can restore within hours in most situations.

Ensuring a 3-2-1 backup rule is the key to safe data. This is a method that we have followed without any regret yet. The strategy is as follows:

3 – Keep THREE copies of your data.

2 – Keep TWO copies on different devices or storage media.

1 – Keep ONE copy off site.

Following this method ensures data integrity. We can take things a step further and archive data based on yearly storage policies to fit any company’s needs.